Our Mission: To empower our clients to improve their quality of life through strategic clinical interventions and therapeutically supportive auxiliary services.

As a team of clinical therapists, we believe that everyone has the right to access skills and learn strategies to live differently. We focus on decreasing suffering, increasing opportunities and experiences, and altering ineffective behaviors. These skills are not guaranteed as part of an individual's genetic makeup nor required to be modeled in one's upbringing, but they can be learned. We have found that these targets ultimately support experiencing a life of realized potential, personal meaning and a sense of belonging. 

We provide life skills to cope, to connect and to ultimately, thrive. Contact us if you are ready for change.


At CORE, we believe in empowering clients to manage the degree of confidentiality they are most comfortable securing. To that end, we made the decision to be an out-of-network provider. This allows you to decide how best to manage charges. Insurance companies may request access to certain information about you and your treatment. By providing you with a bill containing the minimal required information, we feel you are then in charge of making decisions about how you wish to proceed. Please know that we cannot guarantee you reimbursement by your insurance company should you choose to seek out of network reimbursement. We expect and appreciate payment in full at time of service and accept cash, checks and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Debit). We offer a free initial twenty minute phone assessment. If we feel we can be of service to you then our rate is $150.00/hour for individual sessions and $75/class session, regardless of class time or number of family members attending.