Mediation is an unique process for resolving problems involving an impartial third-party known as a mediator.  The mediator assists clients to identify and communicate important ideas as well as explore options, reduce misunderstandings, clarify priorities, explore compromise, negotiate, and find acceptable agreements for all members of the dispute.

Whig Mullins, LCSW, RN and Sameera Malik, LCSW are both trained mediators who have participated in many mediations as well as had significant training in seeking and gaining understanding and agreements for all parties. Uniquely, both hold Licenses of Clinical Social Work in Missouri. As Social Workers and not lawyers, their training focuses on structural change and emotional resolution which can provide a deeper and more emotionally settled agreements such that the legal aspect of dispute resolution, be it divorce or commercial, is long lasting. No one wants to go back to court. If there are kids, they need the parents to be as settled as reasonable.

We offer mediation with a person-emotion focus such that people can make progress and move forward in their lives both together and apart.

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