Within a family, the struggle of one, in varying degrees, is felt by all. We see the unintended consequences of pain and hurt through the changes in the dynamics, outlook, perspectives, and behaviors of the whole family. Holding the family together can be exhausting.  That fatigue can quickly lead to isolating - simply having nothing left beyond survival mode. We often hear from parents that they see other parents as having it all together. These days it is even easier to “see” others as perfect thanks to social media and photo shop. When already feeling vulnerable, it is a set-up for even more self-judgment and blame.

We understand the complexity of the family system; the interlocking mechanisms and sensitive balances that constantly change. We can promise you this - you are not alone and you are not the only one with a child in need of additional support. To help lighten a parent’s load, we offer the following support services for parents:

1. Individual Therapy

2. Psychoeducational Groups

        Keeping It Real: Increasing Effectiveness as a Parent

  • Learn to identify parenting styles

  • Learn to identify communication styles

  • Learn how to validate and the difference between sympathy and empathy

  • Learn the importance of self-compassion

  • Learn to identify shame triggers and how they impact your behaviors*

This group will meet weekly for 5 consecutive weeks. Dates and times TBD

*Keeping It Real: What is Going On Inside and How It Guides You

This is for those who wish to delve deeper into their motivations for their behaviors to understand themselves more fully and to hopefully, validate the choices they have made over time.  The focus is on the parent as an individual and not necessarily on their role as a parent. The work here will be based on Brene Brown’s Connections Curriculum and Daring Greatly.

This group will meet for 12 consecutive weeks for 1.5 hours weekly. Dates and times TBD

3. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This is a practical, goal-driven model; a hallmark of SFBT is an emphasis on clear, concise, realistic goal negotiations. It is about being brief and focusing on solutions rather than on problems, as well as focusing on the present and future and not the past. The goal is realistic, reasonable relief. As behavioral therapists, we believe we humans cannot think our way to changing feelings, but we can behave our way to changing feelings. With a change of feeling, relief follows. With the ability to breath again comes increased clarity and solutions. This is the essence of SFBT.